CNC Machining Parts

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Size: Customized,OEM

Tolerance: ±0.01mm-±0.1mm

Roughness: Ra0.08-Ra3.2

Material: Stainless steel,Carbon steel, Brass, Bronze, Iron, Aluminum

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Surface treatment: Heat treatment,polishing,PVD/CVD coating,Galvanized,Electroplating,spraying and painting and other chemical handings.
Processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, grinding machine, automatic lathe machine,conventional lathe machine, milling machine,drilling machine,EDM,wire-cutting machine,and CNC bending machine
Processing method: CNC machining, Turning, Milling,drilling, grinding, broaching, welding and assembly.
Heat treatment: Thermal Refining, Normalizing, Quenching etc
Surface treatment: Polishing, PVD/CVD coating, Galvanized, Electroplating, spraying, Anodize treatment, sandblasting, painting and other chemical handings
Application: Car, medical, carrrier, ship, excavator, Automation machine, medical device, industrial machine, automobile, and electric appliance etc.
Drawing format: PRO/E, CAD, Solid works, IGS, UG, CAM, CAE
Service: According to customer requirements, provides production design, production and technical service, mold development, and processing to offer one-stop service.
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Packing: EPE foam/Rust proof paper/Stretch film/Plastic bag+carton
MOQ: Negotiable

we are experienced precision CNC turning services supplier , manufacturer , exporter in China that has beenspecialized in offering the best EM CN lathe services for superior quality cheap CNC turning parts , CNC lathe parts ohigh precision machined components with the operation of an impressive range of state-of-the-art turmachines such aswashers , bolts , shafts , rivets , spacers , sleeves , nipples , stainless steel fittings , pipe fittings , light fittings , wheel studs , etcOur advanced CNC turning center routinely works with a wide variety of materials , ranging from copper , brass , stainlesssteel , carbon steel , aluminum , and titanium . We can always choose a suitable precision turning process to reach yourrequirements . Our custom CNC machining services ensure that our customers receive the highest quality CNC turned.


Provide cost-effective NC turning lathe services and quality products with high precision and accuracyfor vast projectsow . medium to hiah volume batches production runRapid prototyping and end-use manufacturinggh dimensional accuracy , high speed , and high reliabilityA wide range of compatible metal and plastics materialsGreat productivity and improved efficiencySmooth finishes and tight tolerances can be achieved

What Is CNC Turning Services How CNC Turning Works?

CNCTurning Process BasicsCNC turning Service is a particular form of the precision CNC machining process that holds a cylindrical workpiece in achuck and rotated, while the cutting tool is fed to the piece and removing material to get the desired CNC turnedcomponents, leaving an excellent surface finish that sometimes requires no post-processing turning can be performed olle outside or inside of the workpiece to produce tubular components to diverse geometriesWhen it comes to the CNC turning process, the subtractive manufacturing method is typically performed on a Cnc lathe orturning center. Before the cutting, G-code and turning machine need to be prepared, then secure the blank bar of stockaterial in the chuck of the spindle the chuck holds the piece in place when the spindle rotates With the spindle spins to acertain speed, a stationary single-point CNC turning cutter will move on a linear path that parallels to the axis of rotation andremove excess material, reduce the diameter of the block, specify the dimension and create a smooth finish, to get the finacustom CNC turned parts with the desired specification

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